Adhesive-Free Bond (AFB®) Features

  • Elimination of ground state absorption losses of quasi-3-level lasing ions, especially for high power Yb:YAG based rod and slab systems
  • Reduction of parasitic oscillations by using Adhesive-Free Bond (AFB® undoped or laser radiation absorbing crystals
  • Reduction of thermal lensing and other thermal effects with undoped YAG or sapphire acting as heat sink
  • Passive q-switching with e.g. Cr4+:YAG as integral component of lasing element
  • Elimination of spatial hole burning for non-planar ring laser (NPRO) by allowing the reflected beam to traverse through an undoped crystal
  • Mechanical support of thin lasing layers, down to about 2-4 µ thickness, thereby also essentially eliminating thermal effects in this geometry to a negligible level
  • Undoped ends in rods, shaped as straight cylinders or flanges, can function as light ducts for pump radiation
  • Light guiding and wave guiding effects by combining dissimilar compatible materials of different refractive index, e.g. YAG lasing medium with sapphire cladding, YAG with spinel, and GGG with YAG cladding