Other Products & Services


Onyx can cut and dice Adhesive-Free Bond (AFB®) composite YAG and AFB® composite YAG/sapphire components, as well as other material combinations. We can cut and dice waveguiding structures, passively q-switched microchips, and others.

In-House Machine Shop

Onyx is fully outfitted with its own in-house machine shop, which supplies custom-manufactured tooling for our various manufacturing processes. The ability to have project-specific tooling fabricated on the premises aids in the efficient manufacture of our AFB® optical components.

Laser Scribing, Grooving, and Cutting

We have the ability to provide laser scribing, grooving, and cutting for AFB® components, allowing for serialization or other identification inscriptions. A range of characters, as well as varying scribe widths and depths, are available. This service is applicable to a wide range of electro-optic materials, including diamond.

Measurement Capabilities

Onyx has many in-house measurement capabilities, including:

  • Measurements to sub-micron accuracies
  • 0.3 - 3 µ spectrophotometer tracing (full and narrow range scans) for absorption coefficient determination
  • Phase and wavelength shifting interferometry for measuring surface figure and parallelism
  • Stress birefringence measurements

Mechanical properties

  • Fracture strength with sample preparation according to ASTM C1161-02c by four-point bending with full documentation and Weibull analysis on Onyx-prepared samples
  • Equi-biaxial fracture test according to ASTM C1499-05
  • Elastic modulus of laser crystals and optical ceramics by precision interferometric strain measurement with complete documentation
  • Fracture toughness of customer supplied material
  • SEM of grain sizes and grain size distribution of optical ceramics
  • Laser marking, scribing, and cutting

Thermal properties

  • Thermal conductivity as function of temperature at near room temperature and above for crystals or glasses
  • Thermal conductivity as function of temperature at liquid N2 or above for crystals or glasses
  • Thermal conductivity of AFB® composites of crystals or glasses at room temperature or liquid N2, useful for evaluating heat transfer coefficient between doped and undoped or differently doped crystals or glasses
  • Heat transfer between AFB® crystal or glass composites with optical coating at interface at room temperature or liquid N2

Optical properties

  • Refractive index at 1.55 µm: ±0.0003
    This measurement is useful for designing AFB® waveguides and can be performed with crystals intended to be used for fabrication
  • Difference in refractive index at 1.55 µm between e.g. doped and undoped components, useful for waveguide designs, with an accuracy of ±0.00002
  • Surface finish through non-contact measurement: ±0.4 Å rms
  • Surface figure in presence of Fizeau internal fringe patterns
  • Transmitted wavefront at 633 and 1550 nm
  • FTIR measurements of infrared materials, up to 14µm
  • Micro-Raman spectroscopy


Onyx is well-equipped with polishing capabilities, as polishing is a critical aspect of our AFB® process. We can provide optical finishing for our AFB® composites and offer polishing services for non-composites. Specific capabilities include component thicknesses to tens of microns and barrel polishing of rods. Our polishing averages 2-3 Å surface roughness.

X-Ray Orientation

Onyx's x-ray equipment allows us to quickly and accurately measure the orientation axes of crystalline materials. This is a useful tool as verification during incoming inspection, as well as for confirming crystals with non-standard orientations. It is also helpful in the design of our AFB® Walk-Off Corrected (WOC) composites.