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Onyx Optics, Inc. introduces Adhesive-Free Bond (AFB®) quasi-non-critical phase-matching (QNCPM) and quasi-phase-matching (QPM) for high efficiency and high beam quality nonlinear optical (NLO) frequency conversion. The AFB® QNCPM and QPM devices have completely compensated for spatial walk-off and enlarged angular acceptance. Similar to non-critical phase-matching (NCPM) devices, they are insensitive to slight laser misalignments, but can be engineered to all critical phase-matching (CPM) wavelengths. The AFB® QNCPM and QPM devices are therefore the ideal replacement for current CPM NLO devices where high efficiency and high beam quality are required.

Onyx Optics, Inc.'s Adhesive-Free Bond (AFB®) technology has primarily been used to produce high efficiency laser composites, such as end-capped laser rods, slabs, disks, and laser waveguides. The scientists at Onyx Optics, Inc. have successfully transferred the AFB® technology to nonlinear optics and demonstrated the AFB® QNCPM and QPM devices in a type-II phase-matched 2-µm KTP OPO. Due to the large walk-off angle (~2.68°) of the e-polarized signal (or idler) beam, the 2-µm OPO's in a single KTP crystal usually require large-scale low repetition rate (several tens Hz) and high pulse energy (several millijoules to several hundreds millijoules) Nd:YAG lasers as a pump source. The AFB® QNCPM and QPM devices developed by Onyx Optics, Inc. each consist of 16 layers of 2mm thick 50°-cut single KTP crystals with walk-off compensated alignment. Nearly 50µJ output has been achieved in the AFB® QNCPM KTP OPO at a pump energy of 523 µJ, a repetition rate of 1 KHz, and a pulse width of 15ns. For the AFB® QPM KTP OPO, two sets of closely spaced signal and idler wavelengths have been achieved with a total output energy of 35 µJ. Both OPO's have measured full-width at half-maximum (FWHM) angular acceptance of 0.35°, which is about nine times broader than the calculated angular acceptance for the same length single KTP OPO.

Walk-Off Correction

Onyx now offers the walk-off correction of non-linear crystals such as KTP and ZGP through our AFB® process. We possess the criteria to design walk-off corrected AFB® composites employing uniaxial and biaxial crystals.

Onyx offers walk-off correction of non-linear crystals such as KTP and ZGP through our AFB® process. We can manufacture walk-off corrected (WOC) composites according to customer specifications and are able to assist with the complete design of WOC components or devices.

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