Products & Services Overview

Standard AFB® Products

Browse some of Onyx Optics' standard composite offerings, such as rods and slabs with undoped ends and several-layer disk structures. Learn more about Onyx Optics' production composites, including YVO4 slabs, microchip disks, and three-and-five layer waveguide structures.

Specialized AFB® Products

In addition to our standard composite offerings, Onyx Optics can also provide composite structures of unique size, design, geometry, and material. Visit our Specialized AFB® section to see what novel composite optic Onyx may be able to offer you.

Non-Linear Optics

Offering AFB® OPO and walk-off corrected NLO devices. Visit our Nonlinear Optics section to learn more about these custom-designed components.


Onyx Optics, announces the Hyrax, a Ho:YAG laser system that utilizes Onyx's patented Adhesive-Free Bond® technology and operates with the highest efficiency at 2.1-µm.


Although Onyx Optics' primary specialty is our Adhesive-Free Bond®, we also possess equipment for optical finishing, mechanical and optical measurement, and others. Search our Services section to see what Onyx may be able to offer for your composite or non-composite optics.

Please click here for more information about AFB® Crystalline Fiber Waveguide Components.

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Onyx Optics does custom orders. Contact us for your custom order or view our catalog for comprehensive listings.